Drug Court Program


This program accepts male and female offenders participating in local Drug Courts. Appropriate Michigan Sentencing Guidelines apply. Length of stay is determined by Drug Court assessments, and case management, not to exceed 150 days.


Provides accountability, structure, substance abuse testing, group and individual therapy sessions through Saginaw Psychological Services, Inc.


Eligibility Criteria:


COMPAS assessment levels will only reflect as "Low", "Medium", and "High".  Prospective residents must be assessed at a "Medium" or "High" level to be eligible for programming.  The only exception to this rule is when a prospective resident is assessed at a "Low" level, and their respective Parole/Probation Agent requests a waiver for residential placement for that particular individual.


  • Male/Female

  • Minimum age of 17

  • Felony offender

  • Not in need of detoxification