Swift and Sure Program


This program accepts male and female offenders participating in Swift and Sure programming through local Specialty Court Systems.  Michigan Sentencing Guidelines are non-applicable.


This program works within the sanctions of Swift and Sure participants in need of additional structure and substance abuse therapy/testing.  Length of stay is based on Field Agent/Case Management assessments and client progress, not to exceed 90 days.


Eligibility Criteria:


COMPAS assessment levels will only reflect as "Low", "Medium", and "High".  Prospective residents must be assessed at a "Medium" or "High" level to be eligible for programming.  The only exception to this rule is when a prospective resident is assessed at a "Low" level, and their respective Parole/Probation Agent requests a waiver for residential placement for that particular individual.


  • Male/Female

  • Minimum age of 17

  • Felony offender

  • Not in need of detoxification