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The TRI-CAP Work Crew prepares for the yearly fireworks show at Ojibway Island in Saginaw


At TRI-CAP we provide an alternative placement option for use by judges, parole and probation agents, and others in the criminal justice arena.  All of our residents have been ordered to TRI-CAP by circuit courts or the Michigan Department of Corrections.  First opened in 1990 to assist courts in Bay, Midland, and Saginaw counties, TRI-CAP now receives residents from over 34 counties across Michigan for a variety of programs.

Many of our residents come to us because they have not been successful in a community setting while on probation or parole and it was felt they would benefit from a more structured environment.  Others come because they are in need of the intensive substance abuse counseling in a supervised residential atmosphere available at TRI-CAP.  

For many, a successful stint at TRI-CAP is all that stands between them and jail or prison.  But for all who come, TRI-CAP provides a new opportunity for starting over.  Another chance at “getting it right” while they receive support, counseling, training and oversight as they participate in daily activities.

While we focus on serving the criminal justice system and the community, we know the best way to do that is to provide life changing opportunities for those who come to reside with us.  If you are a criminal justice professional and think that TRI-CAP may be an option for someone you are working with, please contact us to talk about what we can offer and how working together, we can make our communities a better place for everyone to live.